17 - 18 - 19 November 2022 The Funeral Directors, Stone Professionals and Embalmers’ Exhibition

Fédération Française des Pompes Funèbres

Who exhibits?

With more than 200 exhibitors, the exhibition covers all funeral activities:

Burial / Cremation

Urns, plaques, books, liturgical statuary, engravings, rubs and transfers, bronze, aluminum, materials, marble and granite,
wood composites and stonebased products / grave, burial cells & vaults, columbariums,
monuments, memorial gardens.


Cemetery, Crematorium

Cemetery management software, cemetery creation and management, columbarium creation and management, funerary room design & layout and architecture monumental art / Vaults, artistic creations, marble and granite / Material and equipment for cremation.



Ceremonial room layout decoration and design,
profession wear -garments, natural and artifi cial flowers, audio visual equipment, consumables, announcement cards, condolence books /
Caterers, specialized printing.



Funeral Management

Interior fittings and design, store design, furnishings, signage / Information technology,
business management, Software and ERP / Professional insurances / Funeral homes
networks / Training / Press.



Body care & Conservation

Hygiene, maintenance, preservation, conservation and aesthetics, embalming.


Funerary Transport

Hearses, funeral limousines, vehicule body and design, handling equipment.


Coffin Burial

Coffins, presentation equipment, matress, insulation, handles & fittings.


Funerary Room

Funerary room design & layout, funeral cold chain equipment, audio visual equipment, votive
lighting, decorative funeral articles.


Vases, candles, customized souvenirs, remembrance items, plaques, jewels, bronze,
ceramics, porcelain / Graves’ care and maintenance.

Connected services

Funeral contracts (bank, insurance) / Administrative formalities’ management /
Digital remembrance / Repatriation.


Printing machines, tools for working stone, professional & ceremonial wear, protection
equipment / engraving machines, excavation work equipment / Tooling and supply.