Lyon Eurexpo

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Who exhibits?

Come and meet more than 200 exhibitors presenting new products and solutions.

  • Development/Architecture

    Interior fittings and design, funerary rooms, funerariums, columbariums, store design, furnishings, signage, specialized printing.

    Funerary items

    Urns, plaques, books, liturgical statuary, engravings, rubs and transfers, bronze, aluminum, materials, wood composites
    and stone-based products, coffins, cords, handles, waterproofing and airtightness, decorative funerary articles, presentation equipment, natural and synthetic flowers, announcement cards, condolence books.


    Hearses, funeral limousines, construction and car designers, cremation and safety equipment, lifting, handling, funeral cooling, professional and ceremonial wear, jewelry.

  • Cemetery space

    Cemetery management software, cemetery creation and management, vaults, artistic creations, monumental and decorative art, excavation work equipment, the stone trades and equipment, monuments, marble and granite.


    Hygiene, maintenance, conservation and aesthetics, embalming.


    Banking, financial services, forethough funeral planning, savings, insurance, information technology, business management, Software and ERP, road and air travel, professional training, professional press.